525,600 Minutes (Best of Project 365, 2010)

A photography Project 365 is a good thing, because it forces the photographer–even us amateurs– to look for uncommon beauty in common things.

These examples from 2010 aren’t perfect, but each shutter click has put me closer to photographic originality.

 Perhaps I will share more from this project in later posts. 🙂



7 thoughts on “525,600 Minutes (Best of Project 365, 2010)

  1. tanoshinde says:

    That last photograph, with the two chairs at the bottom of the stairs, is actually a bit spooky. It evokes this sense that you just missed snapping a shot of some ghost, or some mysterious person who occupies that strange and interesting room.

    Great shots!

  2. Bassma says:

    love them all… I think there are more you’ve taken that can be induced in the “best of” category… And I still think you should sell them on Etsy! You’ve got talent lady!

  3. Eddie Cabbage says:

    There is a great picture/painting/photograph that Scott Mutter did featuring an escalator and dealing with perception. at the bottom of this art piece is “I’m a pilgrim on the edge,
    on the edge of my perception.
    We are travelers at the edge,
    We are always at the edge of our perception. ”

    I think you capture that image in my head in this post.

    Just a random thought as I scrolled the page on this post. Had that poster on my wall for years.

    • indyink says:

      I remember that picture well. I have pretty vivid dreams, and that was the first time I ever saw anything that resembled the images from my dreams. It doesn’t leave you.

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