Sky of Blackness and Sorrow (Concerning 9/11)

Rachel Uchitel with photo of fiance on September 11

September 11 happened to all of us.

You remember, of course. The bitter, chaotic shock of that day. How, as a nation, we went silent first, then wept together in our streets and churches. The heavy atmosphere that lingered for months, even years after, until it slowly eroded in the wind of a new day that was not of our choosing.

Thousands of people—-people who represented 115 nations–went down in our towers and planes. It happened, and nothing will ever undo it.

Ten years later, I mourn as we all did that day——with family, with friends, with strangers. I offer my prayers, my compassion, and a hand to hold in the dark corridor of our shared memory.

We will never forget.

Where were you, dear readers?

Photo of Rachel Uchitel searching for her lost fiance via
“Sky of Blackness and Sorrow” appears in the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising”


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