Open Your Mouth and Speak

A dear friend once told me, “People worry too much about politicians and how they claim they’ll change things. But give me the artists, and I’ll show you people who will truly change the world.”

Since most Grits and Bottle Rockets readers are artists, I want you to think about something today, tomorrow, and every day after:

If you create something truly great, truly phenomenal, and put it out there in the universe, the world will respond by delivering the eyes and ears of a generation right to your door.

It’s time you started believing in yourself and your Higher Power. So open your mouth, take up your paintbrush, remove your lens cap, sharpen your chef’s knife, launch your new Word Document, tune your guitar.

You have something to offer the world on this day, in this hour. What is your gift?

Inspired by Ronnie Meek and Wayne Berry


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