Vengeance, Justice, and the American Way

There’s hardly any elbow room in that tiny gap between justice and vengeance, but they aren’t the same thing. One craves restoration. It seeks to repair a breach. To rejoin the jagged edges where corruption made a merciless tear.

The other seeks the momentary satisfaction of being right.

Tempting as it is to let my sense of worth teeter precariously on the one-upping of That Guy, I will not have a life driven consumed by the blind, unproductive venom of vengeance. I simply will not have it.

Because that isn’t a life.

The day is coming when I will know how to truly fight this pretty little devil. Until then, I simply have to put my wild imagination to bed, and let go of the need to prove myself a good girl.

How do you draw the line between vengeance and justice?



5 thoughts on “Vengeance, Justice, and the American Way

  1. M. S. says:

    It’s very simple: Vengeance is exacted by an individual, while Justice is served by something bigger (live, karma, God, Universe, take your pick). But while vengeance is much faster, Justice is longer lasting.

    You must have faith that “What goes around comes around”.

  2. Debbie W. Hoover says:

    Posted 10/26/12 – 3:28 PM: I believe that vengeance is an attempt to reach justice not with rationality, but with emotion. Justice without rationality is simply vengeance. The correct action to make can only be revealed once one is able to consider every factor that led to the events that transpired. Therefore in every situation, despite similarities, one must take into consideration a multitude of factors before one is able to come to true justice. The justice of humanity as far as I can see will never be truly just for we are not omniscient. And for a single human to try and carry out its’ own justice is even less just than a group. So what is the correct action to take should one do you a wrong? Consider everything that led to those events, without emotion (for emotion predispositions our final judgement) and then finally come to a conclusion at what consequence is to be served, and also take into consideration the effects that such a consequence will have. One has to be aware of the ripples that will spread.

  3. Leslie Graham says:

    4. Know the truth about revenge or vengeance. Revenge or vengeance hurts you because it keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle and keeps you focused on the offense. There is a God of justice who at some point, will right every wrong. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. Your feelings of revenge are normal and you can vent them in writing or with a safe person but avoid acting on them. This is not easy and it helps if you take the following steps.

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