Uncool Words Nobody Can Dig

Everyone is allergic to one particular word.

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You know what I mean. You’re happily finishing a project during an otherwise normal workday when suddenly a coworker utters it, and a shiver of pure ick comes over you.

The word.

I’m not referring to politically correct/incorrect words or the naughty four-letter bleepers Grandma enjoyed using.

I’m talking about that one word or phrase that annoys the crap out of you every time you hear it. Things like, “Well ain’t that just the cat’s pajamas” or “Whatever!”

So…. what is it?  

P.S. My browser crashed during the writing of this post, so it posted multiple times. Apologies, dear subscribers.

P.P.S. Panties. I really hate that word.


12 thoughts on “Uncool Words Nobody Can Dig

  1. Asher says:

    OMG, I also hate ‘panties.’ Especially since it applies only to womens’ underwear, which seems both demeaning and sexist (and also sort of implies — by its failure to be applied to underwear for guys — that guys can’t wear cute briefs/knickers/etc, but that’s tertiary).

    My current personal hackle-raisers are those little rhyming nursery-school-esque idioms that have become increasingly popular of late: easy-peasy and its ilk. I hated that kind of stuff when I was three and I hate it now (because essentially at heart I am a grumpy, persnickety, ill-tempered old curmudgeon in a young body, and if I was somebody’s pet, I’d be a dour and censorious cat and my name would probably be Mr. Grumpypants — that or else I’d be your stereotypical border collie with OCD [ballballballballball], which is in fact the primary source of my generalized ire).

    ‘Ink-pen,’ a local means of describing indelible, ink-bearing writing utensils, runs a close second in this race, but I keep a lid on that because I do grasp that it’s clarification necessitated by a regional dialect in which ‘pin’ and ‘pen’ sound pretty much the same.

    • indyink says:

      Mr. Grumpypants, I concur that baby talk (“easy peasy”) is a turnoff. I can’t figure out why grown folks still use the word “yummy” even when they’re not addressing a four-year old. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. teresa says:

    does the referral to self in the 3rd person and the stupid stupid stupid “how are we today?” when they are clearing addressing YOU, one person (unless you’re sybil). oh yes, also CRING at “how is teresa today?” makes me want to scream!

    • indyink says:

      Yes, Tee, that qualifies. In fact, since we’re doing phrases, I think I’ll add “Haters gonna hate.” Translation: “I can’t handle it when people disagree with me, so I’ll say they’re full of hate.”

  3. The Awkward List says:

    Since we’re being honest, haha..

    I really REALLY don’t like the word “foot” agh! I’ve been cursed to use it every day in school when referring to dimensions, forces and rates.. foot per second, foot*pound, Blaaahhh

    Great post though!


  4. thechurchinthemirror says:

    Literally – constantly misused. I have co-workers that say it often and it makes me want to punch someone in the face.
    Irony/Ironic – often misused also and now kinda means cool or alternative.
    Beginning any statement with “Actually,” when what follows is not “actually” correcting something else.
    should/could/would “of” instead of “have.”

  5. Taylor Jamieson says:

    blog …

    I don’t even like to see it…

    I’m a writer.
    I am inspired
    I create.
    I love
    I laugh out loud.
    I feel pain
    and the rain out side my window
    I don’t have to open the blinds
    I know exactly what it looks like
    I dare you to come with me
    to fall
    to bite your lip
    and catch your breath

    that word will never be enough.

    taylor jamieson

  6. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    This makes me think of Dead Like Me–specifically, how the mom hates the word “moist.”

    The word “smirk” fills me with rage. If it’s buried in a bunch of other words, I can gloss over it, but recently a friend’s entire status was the word “smirk.” I shared my thoughts on the word with her, which probably was not my best idea ever.

  7. HippieChristian says:

    I get nauseous when I hear people use the terms “adorbs”, “totes”, “cray cray”, “amazeballs”. I mean seriously. Is it THAT hard to say the actual word?! blech!

  8. Holly says:

    Fun post….can’t think of a word that I hate hearing.

    I do hate it though when I received this smiley on text: :0)

    I seriously hate it.

    I don’t know why.

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