Ten Compassionate Ways to Say “Get Over It”

To this day, I don’t understand why people so callously toss out the phrase “Get over it.”

Maybe they want to be helpful, but let’s face it: it comes off as an invalidating, entitled comment to hurting people, even if it’s delivered out of concern for grief that has spoiled and gone toxic.

If you love someone  and want to stop enabling them, remember, it’s better to be hard on problems and easier on people.

Subtract the attack from the confrontation. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be heard, but it’s worth a try.

Here are 10 ways to say “Get over it” without insulting your receiver.

1. Better days are ahead.
2. Things like this put steel in your backbone. Use it.
3. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks you’re unstoppable.
4. Everything can change starting now.
5. This is a launching pad, not a camping ground.
6. All things have an expiration date, including this. Keep moving forward, and you will get through it.
7. It’s time to move forward.
8. Don’t drop anchor here.
9. Ready to put this in your past? Let’s go.
10. Do not let this tell you who you are.

Any others you’d add to this list?



6 thoughts on “Ten Compassionate Ways to Say “Get Over It”

  1. britt says:

    I’m not sure, but thanks for the help for people like me. Once, I almost ruined a friendship with an ill timed, poorly worded get over it type of comment.

  2. britt says:

    I think one motivation behind these comments is impatience. Personally, I am not a great listener and sometimes say these things thinking it will stop the person from talking more about a subject. It sounds horrible to say, but I think it is a common problem.

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