If Pinterest Existed in Bible Times

A friend just asked me on Facebook: what if Pinterest existed during Jesus’ time? What kinds of boards would we find?


Here’s my list. What’s yours?

Quotes From My Favorite Scrolls

Passover Menu Ideas

Tent Interiors

Derpy Things That Happened On The Way To The Forum

Favorite Colosseum Shows

Room Ideas for Isaiah and Beulah

Togas and Toga Accessories

Ways to Save Shekels

Remember When? The Egypt Years

Self Improvement Scroll Reading List

Favorite Recipe Scrolls

Wines, Meads, and Other Beverages

Blinged-Out Tambourines

Fangirling On My Favorite Band: Peter and the Fishers of Men

Yummy Rabbi Hot List

Long Hairstyles for My Husband Ezekiel

Beautiful Kilns

Red Tent Politics and Activism

Jerusalem Street Fashion

Gluten Free Unleavened Bread Ideas

Articles about The Lazarus “Conspiracy”

Palestinian Patio Gardens


Room Ideas for Isaiah and Beulah

What’s Really In Your Supermarket Lamb Stew?

Outfits for Temple

Dowry Ideas for My Dream Wedding

Advertising from Gog to Magog

Marriage Bed Designs

My favorites, of course, were written by someone else:
Beards-Manscaping the Landscaping

What’s on your list?


Dedicated to Casey Lewis, a social media superstar who came up with this idea, and all of my fellow world-changers in The Start Experiment!

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10 thoughts on “If Pinterest Existed in Bible Times

  1. thechurchinthemirror says:

    8 weird uses for old wineskins
    “Keep Calm and Sin No More”
    Replenish your widow’s oil
    Re-pin if you love YHWH, comment if you don’t
    Ideas from threshing floor

    And of course…………..
    Don’t compare yourself to Sadducees!

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