Rip Off The “Judgment” Duct Tape, Y’all.

Women who have wise things to say should get over the fear of being called “judgmental” or too much. It’s going to happen and it won’t kill you.

I can’t think of any trait in life I want more than wisdom. While on that path, I get to do my research and have an opinion. People-pleasing is the opposite of wisdom, even though we’re told — by all sides — that good girls are politically correct, non-offensive, and well-behaved.

Those are lies.

Wisdom, truth, and integrity are not politically correct, inoffensive, or well-behaved. Read history. Truly wise people rock the boat and change things for the better because of who they are, not whose permission they get when they play nice.

And while I’m on this little rant, I have never once overhead a man saying to another man, “Why do you feel that way? That’s judgmental, bro.”

Question things. Question ideas. Question people. Take things apart, find out how they work, and put them back together. As you make your discoveries, people will call you out as “judgmental” for not accepting the status quo.

“That’s right. Shhhhh. Be a good little girl and only say inoffensive things.”


Say what you need to say and stop apologizing for it.

I’ll see you in the jungle of life, awesome readers.



2 thoughts on “Rip Off The “Judgment” Duct Tape, Y’all.

  1. Rixie says:

    Bravo! These days the most often quoted bible verse isn’t John 3:16 or about love or forgiveness it is “judge not or you too will be judged”, but somehow the rest of that statement get left out. Jesus goes on to say that we will be measured by the same standard we hold others to. Your very wise board on Pinterest doesn’t judge. It challenges the standard by which we judge ourselves.
    People have gotten so broad with the meaning of “judging” that it is impossible to distinguish right from wrong on basic issues without being labeled judgmental.

  2. Victoria says:

    The only addition I have: “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Your choice, ladies. Thank you Indy for the work you do, and especially for the Don’t Compare Yourself to Celebrities Pinterest board!

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